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Fairy Tale Session

Wild flowers_borderWe all want the fairy tale, don’t we? Well, at least our own personal version of it! 

No matter what that looks like you for, IT IS POSSIBLE and I will show you how to have it.

Open yourself to the truth that you can understand the Mysteries of the Universe, learn from the legends of Myth and believe in the power of Magic.

Sacred Oracle is a place where we trust in the Mysteries of the Universe; we look to the stories and myths of our past to find relevance in our present and we know in every fiber of our being that magic is REAL.

Through powerful, revealing and SACRED truths, we learn who we are, why we are here and how to create the life that has been intended for us since before we were born.

Everyone has a Sacred Path. Find yours.

You’re in the right place. I’m glad you’re here.


Tell me your story.  Ask me your questions. Your secrets are safe with me.


Trust in the magic. As you speak, I will see, hear and know what messages need to be told.


The way will be revealed. I will show you how take this magic and manifest your desires.

Incredible. Awesome. That was by far one of the most instrumental calls of my life! 

Liz Nicholls

Owner, Liz Nicholls

I really liked my reading. LOVED IT. It made so much sense to me. Christine Rose

Owner, Living Better

Reaching out to honor you for a reading you gave me almost a year ago. Thank you for your deep gifts. Sarah Durham Wilson

Creator, Do It Girl

Kelly Shevlin is a Seer, Storyteller and Sorceress. She is an intuitive empathic medium who reads the energies of people and places. With a knack for focusing in on what’s really going on, she sees just what you need to do to align with and manifest that which you want and what is meant for you.


Create Your Own Fairy Tale...

Fairy Tale Session

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